• Services That Fit Together

​Our Services

All our services are interdependent, which is why we've integrated them together into a complete solution, optimized by your unique circumstances.

Financial Planning

We create an Integrated Wealth Plan for every client, which is updated and reviewed annually. This document is the key to accumulating and safeguarding your wealth, as it combines financial planning with our investment, tax and estate services.

  • Retirement Planning: Determine your goals and how best to achieve them.
  • Cash-Flow Analysis: Breakdown and optimize your income, fixed costs, discretionary expenses and savings.
  • Net Worth Statements: Track your progress with current and historical breakdowns of your assets and liabilities.
  • Financial Projections: Plan for the future with detailed cash-flow and net worth projections with sensitivity analysis.
  • Scenario Analysis: Prepare for the unexpected with monte carlo simulations.

Investment Management

Investment management is the core of our business as it is essential to helping you achieve your goals by maximizing net-of-fee, after-tax returns for a given level of risk.
  • Behavioural Coaching: Prevent psychological, social, cognitive and emotional biases from negatively impacting financial decision making.
  • Customized Portfolios: A personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) guides the management of your assets.
  • Alternative Asset Classes: Complement traditional stocks and bonds in an era of low growth and low interest rates.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Combine asset classes to maximize returns per unit of risk.
  • Tactical Asset-Allocation: Position your portfolio to capitalize on the upside and preserve capital on the downside

Tax Optimization

The objective of tax optimization is straightforward; increase your household's after-tax rate of return by reducing or delaying the taxes you pay on your investments.

  • Asset Location: Strategically place your investments in the most optimal account(s), eg. Taxable, RRSP, TFSA, etc.
  • Withdrawal Sourcing: Draw income from the optimal account(s).
  • Income Splitting and Spousal Loans: Shift investment income from the higher taxed spouse to the lower taxed one.
  • Tax-efficient Investments: Delay the realization of capital gains through low-turnover, low-cost, indexed ETFs.
  • Tax-loss Selling: Reduce taxes by offsetting portfolio gains.

Estate Planning

An estate plan provides peace of mind by ensuring your family is cared for should something happen to you, and that your assets go where you want.

  • Insurance Review: We do not sell insurance, so you can be assured our review of your situation is free of any conflicts.
  • Key Estate Documents: We create Wills, POAs and Personal Directives for all our clients to help ensure your end-of-life affairs are in order.
  • Charitable Giving: Donate tax-efficiently to ensure any cause you wish to support receives the maximum benefit.
  • Trust and Estate Planning: You've worked hard and saved, now with proper planning we'll help you turn this into a lasting legacy.