• Creating Better ​Financial Outcomes​

Who We Are

An integrated financial services provider who combines the efficiencies of a robo-advisor with the service offering of a high-end wealth management firm.

What We Offer

A superior, low-cost alternative to the banks and brokers through integrated wealth management services.

How We Do It

We've built in-house systems which streamline and automate wealth management services and financially aligns us with our clients.

The Problem With Traditional Financial Services

Banks and brokers charge excessive fees that are often embedded into the products they sell.

If you've ever met a broker or walked into a bank, you've likely experienced a high pressure financial sales pitch. Investments and insurance are often pushed hardest since they have high embedded fees and pay lucrative commissions. In fact, a 2007 Harvard study showed Canadians pay the highest mutual fund fees in the developed world at 2.2%. These fees detract from investment performance and over 30 years, with an annualized return of 7%, will eat up more than half of your gains!

Meanwhile, Wealth Management firms offer integrated investment management, financial planning, tax optimization and estate planning services, all for less than half the fees on mutual funds. Unfortunately, this service is typically only offered to the richest 1% as it requires manual reviews by experienced portfolio managers, lawyers, accountants and financial planners.

Our Solution

We are, quite simply, better and more affordable.

We've built our company from the ground up, with the latest technologies in order to optimize and automate wealth management services so they can be provided to the middle class at a reasonable cost. We are not salespeople, we are a registered portfolio manager which means we have a fiduciary duty to act in our clients' best interest. We do not receive commission, our only compensation is based off assets under management which is why we only offer services proven to increase long-term returns and reduce risk on an after-tax and after-fee basis, including:


Retirement Planning,

Cash-Flow Analysis,

Net Worth Statements,

Financial Projections,

Scenario Analysis


    Behavioural Coaching,

    Customized Portfolios,

    Alternative Asset Classes,

    Portfolio Optimization,

    Tactical Asset-Allocation


    Asset Location

    Withdrawal Sourcing,

    Income Splitting,

    Tax Efficient Investments,

    Tax-Loss Selling


    Insurance Review,

    Key Estate Documents,

    Trust and Estate Planning,

    Charitable Giving

    Who We Can Help

    Prior to founding Shouldice Wealth, we oversaw the management of $3 billion in assets from Canada's most affluent investors. Now we're bringing our expertise to the middle class. The success of our firm and our clients is fundamentally tied, as such we consider each client a partner in our business. The types of partners we are looking for include Individuals, Families, Endowments and Foundations with:

    • Combined investable assets over $100,000 or
    • Combined income over $100,000/year

    Our service allows you to delegate the day-to-day management of your investments to our team of professionals, it is best suited to those who may not have the time, expertise or desire to manage their own assets. If this describes you, and you are interested in our services, please book a free consultation below.

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