We believe all individuals, regardless of their current wealth, deserve financial peace of mind.

Who We Are

Shouldice Wealth was founded in 2016 to bring integrated wealth management services, typically only available to high net worth individuals, to the emerging affluent. Wealth management involves combining investment management, financial planning, tax optimization, lifestyle and legacy into a single service. By utilizing a web-based distribution model and gaining significant operational efficiencies through automation we aim to bring a superior quality service at low-cost to a market dominated by the banks and brokers.

Banks are ripping you off

Banks and brokers have been taking advantage of Canadian investors for years by charging exorbitant fees that are often embedded into the products they sell. A 2007 study conducted by Harvard shows that Canadians pay the highest mutual fund fees in the developed world at 2.2% compared to an average of 0.95%.

Over 30 years, with an annualized return of 7%, these fees eat up more than half of your investment gains! To make matters worse, many of these advisors are paid on commission, which incentivizes them to sell products with the highest fees, even if it's not in your best interest. Is it any wonder why banks continue to post record profits while the average Canadian struggles to get by?

How we're different

We are not salespeople, we are a registered portfolio manager which means we have a fiduciary duty to act in our clients' best interest. This is emphasized by the fact that our only compensation comes directly from clients though a simple tiered fee schedule that starts at 1% of assets under management and declines to 0.25% as your portfolio grows. This simple and transparent fee schedule aligns us with our clients by ensuring the only way we increase our compensation is by growing your portfolio over time. This is why the only services we offer are those proven to increase your returns and reduce risk on an after-tax and after-fee basis, including:

Who we can help

The success of our firm and our clients is fundamentally tied, as such we consider each client a partner in our business. The types of partners we are looking for include Individuals, Families, Endowments and Foundations with:

  • Combined investable assets over $100,000 or
  • Combined income over $100,000/year

Our service allows you to delegate the day-to-day management of your investments to our team of professionals, it is best suited to those who may not have the time, expertise or desire to manage their own assets. If this describes you, and you are interested in our services, please contact us for a free consultation.